Connect Your CRM with Google Analytics
Find out where the good leads are coming from, where to put in more budget, which campaigns to stop, and which campaigns give you customers vs. those that give you a lot of bad-fit leads.
Why PunchyData?

Why is it so difficult to see results from AdWords in your CRM? Or how many leads from your Linkedin campaign converted into sales qualified leads? Or how much MRR was generated from your display advertising campaign?

It’s 2019, why is this still such a convoluted problem to solve?

And that’s why we’ve built PunchyData. We want to help startup CEOs and tech marketers tie their efforts right down to Sales Qualified Leads, customers and revenue.

Understand the ROI of Your Marketing Efforts
Make better decisions by truly understanding how much value your campaigns are generating. Don't waste your dollars on campaigns that are generating junk leads.
Lifecycle Marketing Done Right

Retarget your best customers by creating audiences based on your CRM data.

For instance, you can target users who have been contacted by a salesperson and whose lifetime-value is greater than $1000.

Prioritize Leads With Our CRM Information

Punchydata populates your CRM with contextual information like the source and campaign, giving your salespeople ability to prioritize leads and have more context.

Supported CRMs

Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!

$79 / month

$790 / year


  • Unlimited sales leads synced
  • Bi-directional integration
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